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About Us

Chaitanya Vaidyakiya Seva Sanstha Va Sanshodhan Kendra Previously known as Chaitanya dharmadaya sanstha is a charitable trust Registered On: 05/11/2001 Registration No: F-17780 Pune. This Trust is Non-Government organization, which aims at providing support and medical treatment for orthopedic disabled children and Economical poor patients.

The Modern medical science has now techniques of treatment with revolutionary advancement. For example, Vishakhapattanam Surgery Technique has made it possible to treat orthopedically disabled children. Most of the disabled children are poor and from rural places and cannot afford cost of treatment. Our Trust has realized the need to establish a specialized centre dedicated for rehabilitation of disabled children along with multispecialty hospital with this our trust had conducted more than 100 deformities corrective surgeries camp in a various location in Maharashtra and other state of India. The said organization is working without any Government Grant/support and provides free/concessional Medical treatment to poor and needy children.

Society had launched POLIO DEFORMITY ERADICATION PROGRAME, aimed at making Maharashtra polio and polio deformity free in 2001 to 2010. We had up till now conducted more than 100 surgery camps. With the help of Dr.Anant Bagul we successfully conducted all the camps and surgeries with remarkable success.

Now India is almost polio free so very rare case is found. That’s why our has concentrated for other life threatening diseases which include Blood cancer and other hematological disorder like Thalassemia, sickle cell anemia, leukemia etc . With our study and our observation we found that the above diseases required the long term treatment in very limited hospitals only.

The cost of the treatment is very high which is impossible to do for lower middle class and Economical poor patients. We felt the agonies of such families and decided to work for them.

So our trust has started new Project for Blood Cancer patients and Thalassemic Patients, who could not afford the treatment.

Our Trustee Members

1) Mrs.Amruta A Bagul
2) Mrs.Ujawala R Thoke
3) Mr.Eknath D Bagul
4) Mr.Amrut P Bagul
5) Mr.Arvind E Bagul
6) Mr.Ravindra B Thoke
7) Mrs .Rupali A Bagul

Proposed Donors

  • Health Insurance
  • Rashtriya Arogya Nidhi (RAN)
  • Health Ministers Discretionary Grants
  • Foundation for Children With Cancer
  • Bone Marrow Foundation
  • Thalassemia Society of Pune
  • Nargis Datta Foundation
  • Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA)
  • Ratanji Tata Trust
  • We Care Trust
  • Chief Ministers Relief Fund
  • Volunteer donor


  • Primary Focus Is On Awareness And Patient Care And To Help Poor People With Blood Cancer And Impacted By Thalassemia By Funding Them For Advance Treatment And Curative Approaches Like Bone Marrow Transplantation
  • Also Our Trusts oversees programs to encourage all members of the public to donate blood, as treatment for Thalassemia involves frequent lifelong transfusions
  • We provide funding for treatment and curative approaches like Bone Marrow transplantation, by supporting and advising patients and their families and advocating on their behalf and by educating medical professionals and the general public.
  • Our Trust’s to help those with Thalassemia , live long and normal life and to continuing to build upon efforts that are leading to a Thalassemia - free society
  • To create awareness for blood cancer
  • To facilitate early detection of blood cancer
  • To offer emotional support and medical aid to blood cancer patients
  • To establish and encourage blood cancer survivorship programs
  • To reintegrate blood cancer survivors back into society


To eradicate Thalassemia from India in next decade by conducting awareness programs and also to increase the life-span of Thalassemic patients by providing cost reducing Bone Marrow Transplantation Treatment.